The Death of a Legend Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa and human rights campaigner, died at 95 of a lung infection. Well, even the kids feeding on the content of their stockings know that. People of all races and religions have mourned the loss but celebrated the work of the activist. However, the Czech prime minister committed a big faux pas, when microphones overheard him say he was ‘dreading’ going to the funeral. He apologized to the media, reportedly via a text message. Even children would agree that such conduct does not make a good impression, in memory of a man who went through much more torment than a journey to South Africa. My manager at my former work was a South African and we used to talk about different issues. Once, we were talking about war veterans and I mentioned my grandfather, who fought in WWII and yet lived to 91-years-old. When discussing longevity, we could not omit Nelson Mandela. He spoke highly about the man who enjoyed good health until recently, and even entered marriage at the age of 80. Maybe, he wanted to compensate for the 27 years spent in prison (even if some of the stories from those years are pretty interesting). Mandela refused release from prison on condition that his followers would give up the fight for freedom. In 1990, the incumbent president Frederik de Klerk released his future successor from prison and apartheid was formally over after the ‘94 election. Both, de Klerk and Mandela were bestowed the peace Nobel Prize in 1993. Recently de Klerk called for a revival of Mandela’s ideas in order to avoid pending international isolation. South Africa has made a great progress.