Welcome to the Home-page of the Nigerian Students’ Union in the United Kingdom. The Umbrella body that unites all Nigerian students’ associations and organisations in the United Kingdom with the sole purpose of providing a forum for Nigeria students and youths to come together and contribute their skills and ideas towards the improvement and development of themselves and Nigeria.

The organisation was founded in 2010 by a young dynamic Nigerian student who while studying in the United Kingdom noticed the perspectives and ability of Nigerian Students are ignored in the educational curriculum and society in the UK. He also pointed out that the needs and views of Nigerian Students and youths are easily neglected and simply forgotten and their voices too often under-represented.
In this light, he came up with the idea to have a UNION that exists to help confront and eradicate these barriers and prejudice that are being experienced, through encouraging Nigerian students in getting active and assuming leadership roles so as to increase the pace at which a real difference can be made to all our lives.

The Motto “Leaders of Tomorrow in Action Today” is coined out of the old saying that “children are the future leaders of tomorrow”. The Motto aims to give students and youths in general a sense of motivation and empowerment from a leadership perspective that each and every one is a leader in his/her right and should exercise it by putting his/her goals and ambitions into action in every situation and not wait for the future which most times is uncertain.

NSUUK publishes a Students’ magazine once a year tagged “The Nigerian Dream”. This Magazine showcases and Celebrates Nigerian Student and Young achievers that ordinarily would not have been heard of. We believe with this magazine, we will be able to educate and inspire youths. “We want to show them what they can achieve and how, if they put their minds to it”. “We constantly hear that peer pressure plays a huge role in what gets a lot of young people into trouble, so with this magazine we reasoned that surely it can work the other way round for young Nigerians”. “By putting a publication that will focus its attention on a Younger set of role models, perhaps it would encourage people closer to them in age to want to follow in their footsteps”.

As you Navigate through this site, We hope you are well informed and motivated by the activities of the Union and urge that you support us with any suggestions and contributions that you might have.