Aims and Objectives

Nigerian Students’ Union UK aims to unite all Nigerian students in the UK by providing a forum for them to come together and contribute their skills and ideas towards self development and the improvement and progress of Nigeria.

NSUUK aims to empower and inspire Nigerian students by providing the support and collective strength to enable them fulfil their potentials and aspirations academically, morally or socially.

To act as a mediumĀ  to re-educate and engage British-born Nigerian students who have lost touch with their culture and people, through our activities.

The Union aims to promote quality and functional education both in the UK and in Nigeria for self-development and capacity building through working in cordiality and respect for one another and the authorities.

NSUUK aims to develop an effective successor generation by involving the youths in positive thoughts and ventures that would dissuade them from social vices such as crime and gangs through Mentoring and good leadership building.

NSUUK will recognize positive Nigerian achievers in the UK from various sectors especially education, through an awards ceremony. This we believe will encourage youths to work harder and also set the recipients as Role models to the younger generation of Nigerians.

To work as a progressive body together with other Nigerian organisations in projecting a positive image of Nigeria to the world.

NSUUK aims to organise conferences, job fairs and Expos where companies and institutions from Nigeria and the Diaspora both in the Public and Private sectors can recruit Nigerian Students ready for employment. This is very important because in the increasingly competitive job market in the UK, Nigerian Students, most especially the international students with top qualifications find themselves working in jobs that require little or no qualifications such as cleaning and security guarding etc. With adequate support and guidance Nigerian students will be able to get jobs they deserve.

To establish a good working relationship with the Nigerian High Commission in the UK and UK government agencies such as the British Council, UK visas and the UKBA, so as to get first hand advise and support regarding any issues that might be of concern to Nigerian students.