dianeDiane Duke is a British born Nigerian who recently graduated with an LLB Law (Hons) degree from the University of Leicester. She founded and was the President of the University of Leicester Nigerian Society (2015-16). The society was shortlisted by Leicester Students’ Union for the National and Cultural Society award for 2015-16. In December 2015, she was awarded a Leadership and Commitment award by the Nigeria High Commission for her contributions towards the welfare of Nigerian students and the upholding of the Nigerian cultural at her University. By June 2016 she was also voted the Most Influential Student on ‘The Tab Leicester’ for her contributions to student life due to creating the Nigerian society and for her involvement in extra curricular activities.

Diane thoroughly enjoys afrobeats, dancing, cooking, public speaking, mentoring and organising events and also enjoys having new opportunities to meet new people. Additionally, in her spare time, she is a content creator on YouTube (‘Diane Duke’) and has been providing hairdressing services since 2013, owning a small hair braiding business called Handiwork.

She is passionate about human rights, politics and culture, has been a part of charity-related fundraising events, raising money for the less fortunate, and one day hopes to give back to Nigeria and the world at large. Furthermore, Diane has an interest in the legal, political sector, as well as compliance, and wishes to pursue a career in these professions.