Nancy Quadri has a BSc in Economics and International Relations and a Masters in International Development Management. She ran for elections at her university and became the first African to become Women’s Officer at the University of Bradford where she studied.

During her term as Women’s Officer, Nancy created the Women’s Initiative and went on to run various campaigns and events that highlighted issues affecting women such as  domestic abuse, FGM and human trafficking to mention a few.

Nancy has organised fund raising events to raise money for charities such as Cancer Research, and towards causes like human trafficking and Eastern Congo rape crisis.  Nancy worked alongside the West Yorkshire Police to ensure the safety of students and led on a series of safety campaigns such as the Burglary initiative and student safety initiative.

Nancy is very passionate about youth empowerment and believes in the power of youth engagement as tool to empower young people. Nancy has worked on various youth projects such as the HEBE Apprentice program, a mini summer apprentice project for young people under 18.

Nancy was a part of U-vote, an initiative that promoted voting among youth in the United Kingdom and highlighted significance of voting to young people aged between 18 and 25.

Nancy works with Yemi Soile on creating contents for the Nigerian Youth Television, a media outlet dedicated to being the voice of and for Nigerian youths in Nigeria and the diaspora.

In her spare time Nancy likes to spend time in God’s presence, she enjoys good food and also loves to travel.